Clean Energy

Through our global network of partners, TexCoLa can provide multi-discipline services for a variety of customers in the industrial, commercial, utility-scale renewable energy market. Regardless of the level of complexity, our integrated approach is to blend the required design components to provide a finished product within time and budget, and maximize the quality of the final product by minimizing eventual field conflicts between systems. The result is a reduction in customer risk, better efficiency, and a cost-effective service.


Our solution to poverty and lack of food starts with a combination of food processing and a growing operation that uses a newly designed state of the art facility and proprietary process for growing organic foods. TexCoLa also champions the desensitization and legalization of industrial hemp farming and hemp products nationwide. We manufacture, market, and distribute CBD enhanced products and information to areas and markets that have requested to know more about CBD and its effects.


TexCoLa is strategically partnered with several construction companies and with solar module, inverter, racking system, and other major equipment manufacturers in the USA and around the world. Our turnkey process allows us to enter any community and design, construct, and finance whatever development necessary to fulfill the needs of that community through renewable, sustainable, green energy.

Managed Care

TexCoLa is committed to supporting our senior community and people with developmental disabilities and the local business community workforce with mutually beneficial programs and training modules that allow meaningful employer-employee relationships. Our community and site based day programs provide active treatment combined with on site and recreational access to individuals with emotional, learning and developmental disabilities. Our portfolio spans from community counseling services to elderly care and assisted living retirement communities.